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Nocturne Alchemy / Clive Barker Tarrie Cats Decant Circle

~~~~~ CLOSED ~~~~~

It’s another Nocturne Alchemy / Clive Barker Decant Circle! The Tarrie Cats edition!
Five perfume oils inspired by & named after, 5 pieces of Clive Barker art. And one lucky, random decant member shall receive a certificate not only showing those 5 pieces of art but also signed by both Emerson Hart & Clive Barker!

Get your decant circle notifications on Facebook! Join my group Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary circles.

NA / Clive Barker oils ~
All 5 perfume oils are available from The Clive Barker Official Store but only as a set.

*Half-bottles are available. I will have a limited number.

Tarrie #1 - 0 decants available ~ Crystalline Vanilla, Indian Sandalwood, White Clove and Ho Wood.

Tarrie #2 - 0 decants available ~ Tahitian Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Nutmeg and Galbanum.

Tarrie #3 - 0 decants available ~ Kobalt Vanilla, Indian Oudh, Black Patchouli, Vetiver and Clove Stem.

FULL - Tarrie #4 - 0 decants available ~ French Vanilla, Vanilla Ice Cream Accord, Vanilla Bean and Vanilla infused White Amber.

Tarrie #5 - 0 decants available ~ Crystal Vanilla Musk, Vanilla Absolute, Armoise Mugwort, French Origanum, Black Cardamom and White Sandalwood.

Pricing info:
$6.10 per NA / Clive Barker decants
$16.25 per NA / Clive Barker half-bottles very limited
+ $3.75 for domestic shipping via First Class with delivery confirmation.
International shipping to be determined by weight, country, & Postal Code plus $1 for handling.
+ PayPal fees (I’ll use the salecalc calculator & will include them in your totals) **Internationals - PayPal will charge International fees even if you use a US address.**

Half-bottles will come in a 5 ml bottle (from the same company the House of NA uses) but I can not guarantee that it will be their original bottles. (20 cents additional shipping for each bottle after the first.)

No LJ account? No worries! You can email your order to me at Please put NAVA circle or something similar in the subject line.

*ALSO* Missed something from one of my previous circles? I have some extras. (Updated 6/12/17), click the link. Buying my extras & leftovers helps me to continue running these decant circles. Thank You! Note: PayPal fees will not apply to anything bought from the leftover pages even when you combine them with the circle. (But if you'd like to add a little something towards the fees, it would be greatly appreciated.) :-)

I print out my shipping labels through PayPal using the address that they give unless you tell me otherwise. You’ll get a CnS at your PayPal address. And lastly, unless other arrangements are made, please have your payments to me before the circle ends, on June 20th. The slots in this circle are completely dependant upon availability.

Bottles will be thoroughly mixed before decanting to ensure a well blended decant to all. As for shipping, I have lots of bubblewrap & I’m not afraid to use it! :-)

Payment info:
PayPal payments to
~ Please mark your payment as a purchase of either Goods or Service. (Otherwise, I won’t receive your address.) ~ Your username is helpful too. ~
~ Please inform me if you are not in the U.S. before I give you a total. ~

*NOTE* Unless it's for your benefit, there is no need to add a PayPal note when you pay. I do not refer to PayPal notes as I put all information into my excel sheet. Also, sometimes Egyptian words in the note section trigger PayPal holds & reviews.

And please bear with me, I’m a slow typist!

Please note: This is the official NA circle & is run with the blessings of the Goddess / Gods of the House of NA (& a certain Hellraiser this time.) but it is not run by the House of NA. It’s all my doing. They just send me the oils that I pay for. So, please direct any questions, comments, compliments or complaints about the circles to me. Thank You.
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