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Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Decant Circle Leftovers - Part 1 - Bottles

Here's the list of the available past decant circle extras +. These are all set & ready to go. I'll add in more of my unwanted FEx & Limited Editions little by little. I'm very good about updating this list so what you see is what you can get. :-)  No Facebook PMs please, LJ or emails only. (see 4th page)

You can find reviews at the Nocturne Alchemy - VApothecary Reviews Wiki. It's a work in progress. Come help build it!

NA ~
Alabaster Moon $16   (Honeycomb, Lime Zest, Egyptian Musk, French and Persian Vanilla, Sweet Milk and Allspice.)
Amaranthine Dragon $20   (Orange Blossom, Pink Peppercorn, Rose Geranium, Rock Rose, Angelica, Amaranth Flower, Amyris, Bergamot Leaf, Nokturne:Bloodstone, Dragon Blood Resin and Bulgarian and Egyptian Rose Absolute.)
Amarna $16   (Incense resin, White Amber, Dark Amber, Egyptian Patchouli and Pecan.)
Amber Sun: Diurnal $18   (Oriental Amber *powdered, Bourban Vanilla, Green Cardamon, N:2 (Egyptian Musk of Aswan), Lemongrass, Guaicwood Oil and a subtle blend of N:Sapphire to waken the senses and remind you to push through the moment into the next.)
Anubis Amber $17   (Amber Resin imported from the Malabar Coast of South India and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Green Cardamom of India.)
Aurora Dragon $20   (Heady Egyptian Kashmir Red Musk blended with Black Amber Incense and Black Musk deep in the resin of Dragon's Blood and Sandalwood Resins with a drop of smoking Patchouli.)
Bastet Zamsara $20   (An exotic Blue Incense from Egypt (unlike prior incense blends), blended into the dark sensuality of aged Kashmir in Mahogany wood (Red Musk), and a drop of Santalum Black, Black Frankincense, Black Hessonite and aged Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute.)
Bastet's Cherry Blossom V 2.0 - $20   (The sensuality of Egyptian Cherry Blossom, Amber Musk, Mimosa and Sandalwood then adding the warmth of exquisite Egyptian Cedar, Crystalline, Apricot essence and N3 Egyptian Musk.)
Bastet's Chocolate Covered Black Cherries $16   (Sweet cream, chocolate covered Black cherries and a touch of sandalwood and tart bright cherries.)
Bat Heart $20   (Spicy N2 Egyptian Musk are the wings of this bat. Warm chocolate fudge is the blood that flows alongside a light dusting of cocoa surrounded by the pulsing of Nokturne: Kobalt bringing the beat to this Bat Heart. Tiny fizzures of ghostly Styrax and Amyris bleed into the Kobalt along with black pepper essential oil to enhance the vanilla resin. A soft pulse of African Musk kisses the bat heart and glows blood and magenta at the core.)
Clive Barker: Princess Breath $28.50   (Black Honey Accord, Red Egyptian Musk, White Amber.)
Dendera Zodiac: Horus $18   (Heliotrope, Baby Powder, Vanilla Sugar, Sweet Flower, Ameretto and a hint of coconut milk.)
Djeser-Djeseru  $18   (Limestone NA Amber, N: Carnelian Frankincense, N: Crystal (Vanilla Musk), N: Andalusite Myrrh, Middle Eastern White Clove, Arabian Dark Fig and South Eastern Egyptian soft Blue Basil.)
Egypterrian $20   (Egyptian and Hungarian Spice, Black Rose Resin, Raspberry from Bastet's Garden with a base of Sapphire and Crystal Nokturnes.)
Eternal Egypt $16   (White Amber, Red Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Amber and the sands of Egypt.)
Flesh Eating Scarabs $18   (Yummified Raspberries mingling with biting pincers of raw lemon peel, a dash of limonene, exotic cinder of cedar and a refreshing drop of amber dust.)
GOLD DUST $18   (Nokturne: Crystal, French Pine, Blue Amber, Balsam Fir, Blue Sage, Frankincense, Agarwood and White Cedar Powder created at the House of NA. *With Gold Dust NAlloy Shimmer.*)
Gold of Egypt: Bastet $16   (Red Egyptian Musk, Black Orchid, Honeysuckle, Dark Rose and Jasmine with a touch of soft vanilla. Added for the FEx Bastet pure Egyptian Aswan Jasmine essential oil. *With Blue, Silver and Gold NAlloy Shimmer.*)
Gold of Egypt: Bennu $18   (Italian Orange Blossom, Neroli E/O from Egypt, N:2 (Egyptian Musk of Aswan), Goji Berry Incense and a drop of honey. *With Copper and Red-Gold NAlloy Shimmer.)
Gold of Egypt: Mnemythe $16   (His scent is of Musk. All musk. China Musk, Red Musk, Egyptian Red Musk, Egyptian white musk and Indian Musk. And a touch of dark coffee (the non-bitter kind - the one previously used in Cardamom Coffee LE). FEx addition of Egyptian Amber Musk included in this version of Mnemythe. *With Copper NAlloy Shimmer.*)
Gold of Egypt: Nakhti-Amun  $16   (NA’s Dragon Breath, Cypress, Organic Cardamom, Incense, Vanilla, Sweet Cinnamon Bark, Egyptian Musk, Red Amber and added Egyptian Incense.   *with Bronze NAlloy Shimmer.)
Gold of Egypt: Tyet $18   (Dragon Blood Incense (different from atypical Dragons Blood), Blue Grass, White Musk, Hyacinth, Magnolia, Daffodil and Violet.   *with White Crystal Gold and Blue Crystal NAlloy Shimmer.)
High Priest Amber $17   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. With Black Patchouli distilled in an iron vessel to produce the darkest patchouli earth scent, Amber, White Vetiver and Gold Cardamom.)
Horus Amber $17   (Nepalese Amber imported from the deepest resins in Nepal and lit from the warmest cardamom of India and Australia.)
Maa Kheru $20   (The scent of a heart heavy with joy: Black musk of Tabasheer for the Underworld and Anubis, Egyptian Dragon's Blood for the demon Amut's breath, a few drops of hibiscus and sage, and dark rich blood plum for the sweetness of being true to one's own voice.   *with Silver NAlloy Shimmer.)
Mafdet's Prowl $20   (A drop of Sacred Kyphi, a touch of NA Ambergris, an inhale of rare VA Oud, Dry Myrrh, Aswan Black Peppercorn E/O, Belgium Cardamom, Dust of Aarabian Cinnamon Bark, N3 Musk, Amber from Diurnal Sun and the Amber Musk of Sapphire.)
Mistress of Shadows $20   (Black Diamond, Dark Crystal, Tabasheer, Black Vanilla, cocoa butter, Jasmine sambac, Egyptian Jasmine, Bastet Amber, Tiare, and a drop of Shadow Amber.)
Mummy Mommy 2008 $16   (Organic Tea Rose (not the soapy stinky kind), Egyptian Amber, Warm Egyptian Sandalwood, a drop of NA Purple Nile, Sweet Cinnamon, Egyptian Black - Egyptian White - Japanese Green Tea and a drop or six of Guatemala Organic Cardamom (cardaMum - get it?) - to add that dusty linen spice the Priests used under the linen wrappings. Then adding more Cardamom and 3 Blends of Tea from around the world.)
Mummy Wrappings $18   (Mummy Wrappings, Aged Egyptian Musk, Bitumen, embalming breath and salt of a Priests sacred canopic jar.)
Nokturne 2 $20   ( (SL: N2) Beautiful Egyptian Musk from the edge of the Nile and only from Aswan, Egypt.)
Nokturne 3 $20   (In searching for the Egyptian Musk that exists in different regions of Upper and Lower Egypt we continue to strive toward the best and here in our 3rd offering of Nokturne Egyptian Musk we have found a part of something beautiful and elegant all on its own without comparing to either the original or the N2 we have all come to Love.)
Nokturne: Bloodstone $20   (The scent of Dragon's Blood resin in a perfume single note.)
Nokturne: Crystalline Ember $20   (Ember: Single Note but built from within two Notes, beautiful pure Frankincense of the Boswellia Sacra Tree in Yeman and Oman and dark crimson crystals of Myrrh from the branches of the Commiphora Myrrha tree from the Arabian Peninsula. We combined this slowly, ever so slowly into Crystalline Vanilla Nokturne and what transpires is a resinous and vanilla blend worthy of the noblest of Royalty.)
Nokturne: Dark $20   (Classic Egyptian Musk is the basis of this dark delight. A drop of black amber drifts through the Nokturne like the buzz of a bee, Red Musk wisps a sexual charge as it breaks free from time to time and then stings the Nokturne like a scorpions tail against it. Entinced by a few drops of pure Egyptian Black Peppercorn essential oil.)
Nokturne: Dark Amethyst $20   (By blending into Amethyst wood elements, such as Ethiopian Cedar and Coral Wood, the teak and Sandalwood become a swirl of perfume and only become more intriguing when the moss essential oils step forward out of the forest of Dark Amethyst giving this perfume a rich and enticing purpose. The darkness that briefs touches its finger into the blend is Tabasheer, aged three year old Black Musk, aged to dark perfection.)
Nokturne: Dark Crystal $20   (Blood Musk, Black Musk, Black Amber, Black Clove, Allspice, Black Pepper, Shadow Amber and Black Moors run through the crystal like veins in the cloudy nite sky of San Francisco. Sensual surrealism wrapped beautifully in the comfort of the intoxicating Crystal Vanilla Musk Nokturne.)
Nokturne: Dark Santalum White $20   (Santalum White, the scent of Sandalwood that drifts like incense swirls softly and harmoniously. Tendrils of Patchouli, Ginger Lily and Black Pepper infuse a note of shadow and smoke and finish with a drift of N2 spice to complete this blend.)
Nokturne: Ember $20   (Beautiful pure Frankincense of the Boswellia Sacra Tree in Yeman and Oman and dark crimson crystals of Myrrh from the branches of the Commiphora Myrrha tree from the Arabian Peninsula. A beautiful rich scent of Frankincense and Myrrh blended as one, the way they were intended for the Ancients.)
Nokturne: Hessonite $20   (This is the true scent of Patchouli 100% organic and pure. Imported from Alexandria.)
Nokturne: Indigo $20   (This is a very delicate and tenuous imported African Musk. Words we would associate with this perfume oil are 'heavenly', 'purple', 'peaceful', 'ethereal' and 'grounding'.)
Nokturne: Nok-Tourmaline $20   (Bringing together the original classic Nokturne of exquisite Egyptian Musk and the elixir of Arabian Cacao steamed into an essential oil blended into a warm Chocolate Cocoa accord.)
Nokturne: Ruby Tiger's Eye $20   (Tiger's Eye is the spice of beautiful incense intertwined with Egyptian Dragon's Blood, Egyptian Frankincense, delicate Sandalwood and smoke to represent the eye of the tiger for this meditative scent. This is THE Egyptian Nag Champa of NA with an ethereal kiss of Egyptian Musk lying underneath, and now with a bright and sensual cherry accord to embrace it.)
Nokturne: Tiger's Eye $20   (The spice of beautiful incense intertwined with Egyptian Dragon's Blood, Egyptian Frankincense, delicate Sandalwood and smoke to represent the eye of the tiger for this meditative scent. This is THE Egyptian Nag Champa of NA with an ethereal kiss of Egyptian Musk lying underneath.)
Pharaoh Moons: Akhenaten Moon $20   (Original Nokturne Egyptian Musk spiced with shavings of pure Nutmeg, Blackened Cinnamon Dust, Rich Essential Oil of Cardamon from India and Nepal, Green Peppercorn E/O, Blue Sandalwood Accord, Blue Sugar, Blue Amber, Salt from the shores of Alexandria, Ginger, Lime and Kyphi.)
Prince Amber $17   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. With Spikenard Absolute.)
Rapture of Egypt $18   (Scent of White Rose Incense, NA Limestone Amber, Nokturne: Crystal, Shaved Nutmeg and NA Apricot infused Golden Honey.)
RA's Cocoa Apricot Amber: Summer Moon $20   (A soft cocoa note raptures over the sultry essence of pure apricot accord. The pure essence of apricot radiates into the sensual nature of Indian, Arabian and Egyptian Sandalwood and a touch of vanilla breath. The amber ties the summer and fall into the woods of the resins within.)
Raspberry Amber $16   (Intoxicating Winter Red and Black Raspberries, fresh and ripe from a snow covered vine. Crystal clear blends of White, Red, Grey and Gold Amber subduing the richness of fall with the sensuality of warm undertones.)
Ravening of Amut $18   (Egyptian Dragon's Blood of Cairo, Fig, Egyptian Jasmine of Aswan E/O, Myrrh E/O, Tobacco Leaf, Egyptian Honey, Smoked Carnation E/O, Bitumen, Balsam Resin, Apricot E/O and Egyptian Vanilla Musk.   *with Copper NAlloy Shimmer.)
Renenutet, Wine of Ever $18   (Vanilla'd Blackberry Wine, Muscat Tea, Bergamot E/O, drop of Egyptian Red Musk Resin filtered Dragon's blood and Rye essence.)
Resurgence: The Silken Tent $20   (Soft essence of Cedarwood heart, Raspberry essence, Italian Lemon rind, Summer Amber accord, Alexandrian Sea salt, Crystalline (Egyptian Vanilla Orchid stigma Resin) Absolute, Kashmir (Blood Red Musk) Absolute and a drop of ICON Egyptian Temple Oudh.)
Ritual of Heka $18   (Organic Cardamom, Basil E/O, Black Pepper E/O, Merlot Wine, Egyptian Incense oil, Anise, Rosemary E/O, Sage E/O, Black Poppy E/O, Clove E/O, Egyptian Linen and Muslin, Witch Hazel Extract, Spun Egyptian Cobra Sugar.)
Sanctum of Taweret  $18   (Exotic Honey-Musk, Jasmine E/O, Indian Sandalwood, a drop of Allspice, Sacred Lotus, Egyptian Myrrh, Coconut water and milk, Oak, Cedar E/O and Egyptian Dragon's Blood incense.)
Scroll of Thoth III Blue $18   (Glorious white amber from Eternal Egypt, Beautiful soft Egyptian red musk from Blood of Anubis and the Golden Egyptian Amber of Pyramid of Khufu. Beautifully accented with Nokturne:Sapphire Base. *With Blue NAlloy Shimmer.*)
Serapium of the Serapis $18   (Papyrus, Greek Olive E/O, Soil, Amber Sand, Rosemary Dust and divine White and Red Egyptian Musk Pure.)
Set's Amber Pumpkin $20   (Nocturne Alchemy Amber: Egyptian Sandalwood, Patchouli White, Rose Rock Resin, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk), Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Pumpkin Amber Resin, Pumpkin Rum Resin all whipped in a bowl of rich sweet buttered perfume. With the addition of Black Musk and Black Amber and a drop of Black Ghoul Vanilla Marshmallow!)
Set's Green Amber Pumpkin $20   (Nocturne Alchemy Amber: Egyptian Sandalwood, Patchouli White, Rose Rock Resin, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk), Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Pumpkin Amber Resin, Pumpkin Rum Resin all whipped in a bowl of rich sweet buttered perfume and blended with the deepest and darkest of very rare, luxurious Green Amber!)
Shezmu $18   (Blood Wine, Dragon Blood Resin of Europa, Baltic Amber, White Sage Leaves and Clove.)
Thoth Amber $17   (Oriental Amber Resin imported from the deepest perfume essences of China and lit from the warmest South American Sangre de Grado, Dragon Blood incense resin and Egyptian Myrrh whole.)
Tut Ankh Amun $16   (The scent of royalty. Golden Amber, Golden Egyptian Sandalwood and Golden Vanilla.)

VA ~
Halloween 2010 $18   (Black Cinnamon, French Spirits of Vanilla Cream, Spices from the cupboard of a Witch: Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg, Allspice and Crystalized Ginger all burning within the Jack O'Lantern's hollowed buttery pumpkin body.)
Halloween 2011 $18   (Autumn Halloween all spiced up with Fresh Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice, Ginger, Pureed Pumpkin, Raw Carrot, White Rum, Black Fig and Vanilla Sugar Liquer.)
Halloween 2012 $20   (Black Harvested Pumpkin, Vanilla Spice, Baked Cinnamon, Soft Chinese Cassia, Shaved Clove, Lunar Musk, Black Rum and a very soft breath from Mediterranean Anise Essential Oil. *This perfume is very dark, almost black in not get this close to innocence or anything of light tone.)
Mausoleum: Chocolat Ombré $20   (Dark Chocolate, Black Star, Black Diamond, Rich Cocoa, Essential oils of Cacao bean and kiss of Black Vanilla enraptured in a tomb of thick 'ectoplasm'd' Ambre Ombre: Perfume Attar of Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense and Black Myrrh.)
Mausoleum: Frankincense Ombré $20   (Perfume of Egyptian White Frankincense, Frankincense of Somalia, with Ambre Ombre (Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense).)
Mausoleum: White Musk Ombré $20   (Soft traces of Lavender-Musk with Ambre Ombre (Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense).)
Tarot: The Devil $20   (New Orlean swamp Vetiver, Italian Cypress, Arabian Oud, Tunisian Oak, Egyptian Spun Sugar and French Vanilla Clouds.)
Zodiac: Sagittarius $20   (Bastet's Amber, RA's Gold Amber, Japanese Mandarin, California Sage, Blue Amber, Arabian Bergamot, Blue Dragon's Blood (a softer version to the original Dragon's Blood), Temple NA (from the OM NA section), N6 Egyptian Musk.)

NA: A to N ~
31 Mummy Curse Lane 2.25 ml  $7.20   (Cursed Woods, Spoiled vanilla flecks, Dreadful Cherry Skin, Mummified Patchouli, Blackened Raspberry Flesh, Rotten Decay of Musk and an old scabby blueberry floating on top like the remains of an eyeball. I know right?!)
Abraxas 1 ml  $2.80   (Harmonized Liquid Benzoin Resin, Rosemary E/O, Black Pepper E/O, Lemon Zest, White Basil of the Nile, Sandalwood and Patchouli incense, NA White Amber, Holy Frankincense Oil, Warm Amber, Black Tea and Japanese Musk.)
Abydos Equinox 2 ml  $5.60   (Fresh Green Tea, White Pear, Sauvignon Blanc, White Lilac, White Musk and a drop of Allspice infused White Honey Cream.)
AIDA 2 ml  $6.45   (Egyptian Night Lily, Caramelized Cassis from Luxor, Irish Pine, Egyptian Sugar of Cairo, Egyptian White Musk and Blue Vanilla Musk.)
Alabaster Sphinx 4.25 ml  $11.90   (Cacao, Narcissus, Brown Sugar, Amber, Lime EO, Caramel, Egyptian Black Coffee, Black Orchid, Pomegranate, Magnolia, Apricot and the Light of Egypt upon this great Sphinx.)
Amber Sokolata 1.5 ml  $4.20   (To create Amber, we find the most beautiful rock rose resin and liquefy it into a deep oil, allow it to age within the blending of Ambar, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood, White Vetiver, White Pepper and blended Choyo Lobun, Immortelle, a drop of Arabian Cedar and Agarwood to allow the scent to softly sweeten with a drift of the scent of a beautiful white wood. This is all to achieve an 'amber' status and accord especially for this blend. Then adding the finest Greek and Egyptian Sokolata (chocolate) perfume oils blended with Italian and Belgium Cocoa.)
Amethyst Moon 3.75 ml  $12.00   (Crimson Egyptian Musk, Hungarian Sea Kelp, Mediterranean Fern, Indian Sandalwood Essence, Oak Moss Botanical, Aged Ghost of the Moors accord, Egyptian Teak and Egyptian Sandalwood.)
Androsphinx Moon 2.25 ml  $7.20   (Lunar Temple Kyphi (a honey, raisin, & wine based incense), Anniversary Luna Blend, Limestone Amber, Black Musk, Egyptian and Amazon Teak Wood, Rosewood Pure, N6 Musk (with lavender sweetened Kyphi), and Amber-Myrrh Resin.)
Anubis Apparition 2 ml  $6.45   (Ghost Musk, Black Amber, Entombed Cedar, Amyris and Sandalwood Essential Oils fleet into the evening of All Hallows' Eve.)
Azure Ankh 3.5 ml  $9.80   (Egyptian Musk of the original Nokturne single note, ether of Egyptian Sandalwood and far east wind arising and exhaling from the Nile and slumbering into the subtle spice of Nokturne: Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk).  Azure Ankh is blended into a deeper scent by taking deep Red Musk and dark Black Musk, Red Amber and added aged Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk) and sifting them all together and slowly dropping them into the Ankh perfume until a natural division occurs.)
Baby Nefer 2009 1.5 ml  $4.20   (Red Opium, Orange Poppy, Nokturne: Crystal (Egyptian Vanilla Musk), Black Cherry essence, Red Cherry essence, Spice of oak, cola root, bergamot and a very light touch of nutmeg.)
Bastet Amber Pear Champagne 2.5 ml  $9.50   (With notes like crisp melon and fresh pear, Pear skin, white grapes, sandalwood essence, green apple and that ethereal Bastet Amber that breathes on the skin.)
Bastet's Choco Cherries REZ 2.25 ml  $8.55   (Aged Black Honey, Black Vanilla, Black Cherry, Cherry Flesh melded with Sandalwood Syrup (aged), Nokturne: Crystalline Vanilla (Egyptian Vanilla Orchid stigma Resin), Tahitian and French Vanilla, a drop of Black Musk, Dark Choco and finely dusted with a hint of NA Hot Cocoa accord. Oh and pure evil. 'tis the season coming.)
Bastet's Choco Cherries X 2 ml  $6.45   (Black Cherry, Cherry Flesh melded with Sandalwood, Nokturne: Crystalline, Tahitian and French Vanilla, a drop of Black Honey, Dark Choco and finely dusted with a hint of Hot Cocoa.)
Bastet's Chocolate covered Apricots 4 ml  $11.20   (Vanilla Musk, Apricot, Chocolate, Cocoa, Passionfruit, Honey and a little bit of chocolate fudge.)
Bastet's Dark Garden: Pomegranate Moonstone 1.25 ml  $4.00  
(The essence of vanilla bean from Nokturne: Moonstone, big red pomegranates, Egyptian Patchouli Noir and Anise (of Cairo), Italian Cassis and a stick of Cinnamon Bark.)
Bastet's Midnite Hour 3.5 ml  $11.20   (Chocolate Cake, Sugar Cookies, a little aged and thick Crystal Vanilla Musk and a drop of aged Egyptian Black Honey to sweeten the vanilla icing.)
Bastet's Raspberry Choco Cake Moon 3 ml  $8.40   (Mature Wild Raspberries (not the candy type), Soft Egyptian Sugar, Chocolate, Cake, touch of vanilla, Raspberry dusted cake-flour and essential oil of Raw White Raspberry.)
Blessed Water 3.25 ml  $10.40   (Black Bavarian Cucumber Water Accord, Hungarian Peppermint EO, Blessed Romanian Water (by a Vampire, of course) and fresh Spring Water Accords with a touch of Werewolf Leather and Romanian Labdanum.)
Book of Hours 3.9 ml  $11.85   (Black Limestone, Irish Moors accord, Bergamot Tea, Spiced Crimson Musk, Black Musk Absolute, Dark Cacao lightly warmed, Vanilla Cream, White Fig, Black Pepper and Amber-Honey Resin.)
Book of Shadows REZ 3 ml  $11.40   (Sweet-Smoked Pumpkin Flesh, Re-created Chypre Incense, Sweet Dragon's Blood Resin, Black Fig, Leather and fire accords (created with the help of Jacek), White Cinnamon Whole, in a giant vat of Egyptian Musk and Kashmir Musk (Blood Red Musk).)
Cheops' Barge 1.45 ml  $4.05   (5 Different Essential Oils of Cedar from Lebanon, Egypt, Arabia, Virginia and the US, blended with Spikenard E/O of Nepal and Egypt, White Patchouli of Israel E/O, Rosewood E/O of Kenya, Arabian Teakwood E/O, NA Limestone-Amber E/O and a drop of Pepperbirch E/O.)
Christmas in Alexandria 1946 1 ml  $2.80  
(Carnation, Balsam Fir, Gold Amber, Strawberry, Egyptian Black Tea, Egyptian Sugar, Karala Amber and blue incense.)
Christmas in Aswan 1991 2.1 ml  $5.90   (Balsam, Tuberose, Violet, Gold Pine, Egyptian Mt. Laurel, Frankincense and Myrrh and the sweet wood essential oil of Cabreuva.)
Classic Dragon Mnemythe 2.5 ml  $8.00   (China Musk, Red Musk, Egyptian Red Musk, Egyptian white musk, Indian Musk and a touch of dark coffee. Dragon's Blood Resin, Vanilla Musk (Crystal) and Myrrh Resin.)
Classic Dragon Phyriad 1.25 ml  $4.00   (Scent of Cardamom, Black Cherry, Sage, dark Amber and Moroccan Mint. Dark fire without the cinnamon. 2011 Classic interpretation: Addition of exquisite Dragon's Blood Resin, Kobalt Vanilla and Myrrh Resin.)
Clive Barker: Princess Breath 1.5 ml  $7.95   (Black Honey Accord, Red Egyptian Musk, White Amber.)
Clive Barker: The Fourth Power 2 ml  $10.65   (Indian Oudh, Black Patchouli, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Rock Rose, Frankincense and Cedar.)
Crimson Heart 4.25 ml  $13.40   (Translucent White African Musk, Goddess Amber Resin, Crimson Musk Absolute (Egyptian Red Musk), Cyan Cedar, Redwood lightly warmed and blended with Evergreen and Pine.)
Darker Egypt 1.25 ml  $3.50   (Black Honey, Anubis Blood, Raisin Wine, Red Blood Wine, Saffron, Lime and spices of Clove and Sacred Incense-infused blessings to enrich this dark kyphi 'wine' as a vessel to the Darker Egypt.)
Deity Moon: Horus 3 ml  $9.70   (White Cedar, Creamy Oak, Celestial Musk, Bayberry, a drop of Australian sugar ginger, Pipe Tobacco, Aged Juniper and White Pepper in an oaken cask in a base of beautiful sweet Nokturne: Santalum (White Sandalwood).)
Deity Moon: ISIS 1.5 ml  $4.20   (Sensual Pomegranate Skin and Seed, Vespertine Vanilla-Myrrh, Spicy Musk, Pink Bay, Orris, Virgin Papyrus Reed and a drizzling of Nokturne: Honey.)
Dendera Zodiac: ISIS 2.8 ml  $7.85   (Sultry Rose Geranium, Tempestuous Indian Jasmine, Kisses of Peruvian Balsam and Japanese Ylang Ylang (only kisses now), a drop of sweltering patchouli and the resin of Sandalwood washed up on the sands of Alexandria.)
Dendera Zodiac: Shu 2 ml  $5.60   (Crystalized Gold and White Amber (you may get a little bit o' amber in your bottle from either or both of these), Egyptian Linen, Egyptian Amber, Mongolian Cedar, Vegetarian Salt of Ambergris, Grey Sandalwood and Gold spice from the markets (spice based off of saffron, chypre and black incense oil).)
Devouress of the Dead 1 ml  $3.25  
(Black Amber, Dried Gourd essence, Sage, Cinnamon and Nutmeg dust, Sweet Cream, Anethi, Green Pepper and Cedar Extracted oil.)
Divine Feline 1.75 ml  $5.60   (Exotic blend of Blue Jasmine, Blue Narcissus, Blue Honeysuckle and Blue Neroli, Silverberry infused Blue Osmanthus, Blue Incense Amber and Nepalese Blue Amber.)
Djinn 1.5 ml  $4.80   (Vanilla and Chocolate Liqueur, Vanilla Musk, Aged Egyptian White Musk with oak accents, Blue Musk and Zamzara Incense - An exotic Blue Incense from Egypt (unlike prior incense blends), blended into the dark sensuality of aged Kashmir in Mahogany wood (Red Musk), and a drop of Santalum Black, Black Frankincense, Black Hessonite (Egyptian Patchouli) and aged Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute).)
Dracs 2.2 ml  $8.35   (White Sandalwood Incense, Black Muguet Flower, Hungarian Wine, Dragon's Blood Resin, White Musk flower infused-incense and a tiny drop of Black Hungarian Champa and black musk.)
Duat 2.5 ml  $7.00   (The scent under the Earth of Soil, Loam, Incense, Fire and thick Balsam of Peru Resin. *Natural separation will occur due to the Thick Resinous Balsam, please shake well before applying the Underworld elixir.)
Electrum: Casbah .5 ml  $1.60   (Exotic Mango, Santalum Sandalwood, Allspice, Cardamom and Incense. *Diamond and Gold NAlloy Electrum Shimmer within. Simply shake and apply. Very subtle on skin, best shimmer worn in the sunlight :) )
Elephantine Island 3 ml  $8.40   (Citrus Peel overtones, Nile Honey Flower, White Nile Blossom and sweet African Kashmir Macumba Resin.)
Embalmed Mummy 3.2 ml  $12.15   (Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Copal, Black Date Wine, Linen accord, Natron Salt accord, French Origanum, Dragon's Blood Resin, ash accord and Amber.)
Empire 2.85 ml  $9.10   (White Patchouli, Black Vanilla Bean, Italian Mandarin, Amber Resin, Gold Amber Essence, Kerala Amber, Crimson Musk (Egyptian Red Musk), Kashmir Musk (Blood Red Musk), French Vanilla Oak, Black Frankincense, Black Myrrh, Golden Sandalwood, a drop of Egyptian Rose Temple Dust and Egyptian Musk.)
Eternal Alexandria: NAliday Blend .75 ml  $2.40   (Beautiful White Amber, NA's Egyptian Sand Note, Sapphire (Egyptian Amber Musk) and Cardamom notes. Enhanced: Cider of the season; Fresh Apples bathed in a warm cinnamon and rum blend and a little spice of nutmeg and Sweet Honey-Lime-Vanilla accord.)
Eternal Aswan Dark 1.25 ml  $4.00   (Aged Dragon's Blood Resin, Clove Spice, Snow Musk, White Amber, Lavender Leaves, Royal Mountain Laurel, soft Egyptian cinnamon, Blend of NA Ambers and Vanilla Absolute.)
Eternal Egypt Summer 2.55 ml  $7.15   (White Amber, Limestone essense, Lime leaf and zest, Saffron, White tea leaf, Sandalwood and Mandarin.)
Eternal Love 2 ml  $5.60   (White Amber Rock representing 'Eternal Egypt's' focal essence aged for 3 years underground in a cedar box, Himalayan Musk, Patchouli Musk Resin, Amber Crystals and a breath of smoke and salvation.)
Etherian 1.25 ml  $3.50   (Calamus, Egyptian Vanilla Musk, Mugwort, Aloe, Linen, White Amber, Hyacinth, Honeydew, Golden Amber, Elderflower and a touch of Red Egyptian Musk.)
Eye of Rebirth 1 ml  $3.25   (Pure Vanilla Absolute, South African Chypre Incense, Egyptian Essential Oil of Blackened Cedarwood, French Vanilla, a drop of Desert Sage and Sweet Pine Oil.)
Feast of Aset 3.2 ml  $10.30   (Egyptian Red Wine, Pomegranate Elixir, Frankincense Absolute, Dragon's Blood, White and Black Peppercorn Essential, Limestone Amber and Red Tea.)
Feast of Opet 2.5 ml  $8.00   (Aged Sandalwood, Opoponax, Juicy Mango, Exotic Pomegranate, Jasmine, Lilac, Juicy Pineapple all smothered into a blend of Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Sapphire (Amber Musk), Kobalt (Egyptian Vanilla Orchid Resin) and Crystalline (Egyptian Vanilla Resin).)
French Egypt: Chocolat Alexandria 3.5 ml  $11.20   (GC Alexandria: Red Egyptian Musk, Bergamot, Lime, Lotus, Amber, Blue Nile, Dark Rose and Dark Vanilla. Aged in an Oak barrel with French cocoa beans, French Oak, Cedar, Rich spices of imported Cardamom of Asia, Allspice of Greater Antilles, Pepper of Nigeria and Clove of Indonesia.)
Gift of ISIS 2.5 ml  $7.00   (Rose Incense infused with Vanilla vapor, Sapphire Absolute, Rangpur Lime Leaf Extract, Cola Root, Nokturne3: Egyptian Musk Absolute, Nokturne: Crimson (Red Egyptian Musk) Vapor, Lilac Nectar and Blue Lily Dust.)
Goddess of Love & Hope 2.75 ml  $7.70   (Egyptian Blue Honeysuckle Absolute, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk), White Peppercorn E/O, Orange Spiced Essence, a drop of sensual Egyptian Ylang Ylang and muddled with Dried Apple Spiced Tea Leaves.)

Gold of Egypt: BA 1.5 ml  $4.20   (Blue Musk, Japanese Musk, N:2 (Egyptian Musk of Aswan), and African Musk. *With NAlloy Shimmer.)
Gold of Egypt: BARAKA .75 ml  $2.10   (Pure Peppermint E/O, Spruce E/O, French and German Spearmint, Black Mint leaf, Blue Peppercorn and White Virgin Basil. Plus NAlloy Shimmer Gold.)
Gold of Egypt: Djed 1.5 ml  $4.20   (N:2 (Egyptian Musk of Aswan), Black Musk, Olibanum, Cedar E/O, White Melon, Orris Rhizome, Papyrus Wood and Red Musk Incense. *With NAlloy Shimmer.)
Gold of Egypt: Eye of RA 4.25 ml  $11.90   (Organic Lime, Vanilla Absolute, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Amber and pure Jasmine from Aswan. *With NAlloy shimmer of Copper.)
Gold of Egypt: Sekhem 1 ml  $3.25   (Black Plum, Rubbed spices of cinnamon - curry leaf - cardamom pod, Limestone Amber, Gold and Arabian Sandalwood, Cream, Egyptian Sugar and a drop of black honey. With NAlloy Shimmer.)
Gold of Egypt: Sistrum 2.25 ml  $6.30   (Bay Rum, Spices of Reunion Island and Mauritius, Papyrus, Egyptian Sugar simmered into a creamy caramel and sieved through a hot cup of Tibetan Black Tea. *With Opaque Green and Amethyst Gold NAlloy Shimmer.* (Note: Please shake well before applying.))
Gold of Egypt: Tyet 2.15 ml  $6.00   (Dragon Blood Incense (different from atypical Dragons Blood), Blue Grass, White Musk, Hyacinth, Magnolia, Daffodil and Violet. *With White Crystal Gold and Blue Crystal NAlloy Shimmer.* (Note: Please shake well before applying. Best seen in the light of the sun.) )
Gold of: Oasis Stars 1.8 ml  $5.00   (Oat Straw, English White Cucumber, Persian Amber, Egyptian Helichrysum Blue E/O and Japanese Adzuki.)
Halloween Bastet X  3.5 ml  $9.80   (Red Egyptian Musk, Pink Orchid, Honeysuckle, Dark Rose, Jasmine, French Vanilla, Nokturne:Kobalt (Deep Egyptian Vanilla), Nokturne:Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Nokturne: Crystalline (Egyptian Vanilla in the Offering Oil section, this is the perfume version), Spiced Pumpkin Accord and a drop of Black Honey-Kobalt blend.)
HAROERIS 3 ml  $8.40   (Egyptian Red Musk, Egyptian Blood Musk, Persimmon, Nutmeg, Bergamot, Champaca, Liquid Amber, Mandarin and three smoke filled Mahogony Woods.)
Hatshepsut Incense REZ 3.5 ml  $13.30   (Soft spice of Nutmeg, Clove and Allspice, Bastet's Incense Accord, Pink Lotus, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Cabernet Wine Incense, Cherry Skin and Santalum Gold.)
Heart of Anubis 1.1 ml  $3.10   (Wood, Black Patchouli, Lavender, Black heart of Amber.)
Horus Rebirth 1.25 ml $4.00  
(Pure Bulgarian Rose, Lavender Absolute, Geranium Essence, Orange Blossom, Egyptian Sea Buckthorn, LiquidAmbar, Crystalline Vanilla Resin, Green Peppercorn, Amber Accord and a drop of Nokturne: Lazuli (Egyptian Jasmine).)
ICONS II: Eclipse 2.75 ml  $48.50   (Black Honey Oudh. Aged Black Honey, Balsamic Honey, NAVA Honey accord infused into Madagascar Vanilla Beans and left to age - then pressed (like grapes or olives) releasing the perfume inside and blended into a smokey Indian Oudh with hints of our originally named: Arabian Oudh (more of this blend is added in Eclipse) and Egyptian Temple Oudh (from the original ICONS series).)
Immortal Love 3 ml  $8.40   (Krishna Musk, African Musk, Champaca, White Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Jasmine Sambuc Absolute, Balsam of Peru, Vanuatu Sandalwood, Arabian Rose Otto, Egyptian Amber and Essence of German Blue Chamomile Extract.)
Incensia 2 ml  $5.60   (Egyptian Amber Musk, Egyptian White Amber, Egyptian Mango Oil, Fresh Apple Accord, Papaya, Egyptian Incense notes and the sweet simmering sugar of an Egyptian Souk.)
Infinite Pharaoh 1.75 ml  $4.90  
(Blue Amber Limestone, Amber and Musk resin, Egyptian Black Tea syrup, Raw Fig Seeds, Egyptian and Arabian Incense and the subtle nuances of incense smoke.)
Invocation of the Gods 2 ml  $5.60   (Blue Raspberry, Egyptian White Amber, Frankincense, Patchouli, Red Poppy and Black Opium.)
Jill Tracy: Star of Night .4 ml  $1.85   (Rich Incense perfume derived from a sweet and woody Arabic Myrrh and rich golden Egyptian Frankincense with a touch of Egyptian Black Linen. From the Jill Tracy Collection.)
Judgement: Pure 1.75 ml  $4.90   (Golden Crystalized Ginger, the softest white Egyptian Incense, Amber White Vanilla Wine and meditative Sandalwood resinoid.)
Judgement: Wicked 2.5 ml  $7.00   (White Crystalized Ginger, the Darkest resinous Egyptian Fig, Blackberry Cabernet Blood Wine, Black Frankincense and a spit of NA Honey.)
Kaisarion 2.25 ml  $7.20   (Blue Hibiscus Water, Spices: Cardamom, Clove and Nutmeg, Swirls of Honey, Indian Black Tea and Gold Sandalwood with the essence of Egyptian Musk underneath.)
Karkade Summer: Nag Champa 2.6 ml  $7.30   (Hibiscus Leaf of Aswan, Sugar Resin, Patchouli Light, Dragon's Blood, Amber, Egyptian Sandalwood, Red Tea replacing the Black Tea and a light dusting of sugared Vanilla dust.)
Kemosiri - Shadow Osiris 2 ml  $5.60   (White Lime of Alexandria, Lemon of the Nile, Kola Root of Aswan, Anubis Blood (conceived after Dragon's Blood but with an original NA Lab blend), Leather accord (faux), Smoke accord, Nokturne: Lazuli (Jasmine) E/O and 13 drops of Calamus Root E/O.)
Khnum Moon 2.8 ml  $8.95   (Santalum, Amber Patchouli, Cedarwood, Earth, Nag Champa Incense, Black Wine, Sonoma Grape Skin, California Redwood, Black Vanilla and Kashmir Musk (Red Musk).)
KV31 - 1 ml  $2.80   (Ivy, Oakmoss, Spikenard, Rosemary, Patchouli and the juicy darkness (I have to leave something to the imagination) of a Mummys Tomb. Only 31 made.)
Mummies & Curses 2 ml  $7.60   (Gold Amber, Limestone Amber, Egyptian Musk, Allspice, White Galbanum, Myrrh and Egyptian Sandalwood aged in Oak.)
Mummy Mommy 2009 .7 ml  $1.95   (Blending White, Red, and Purple Roses of Egypt, Pure Indian Sandalwood, Sacred Soil from a Mummy Tomb and a drop of Love.)
Mummy Princess 2.25 ml  $7.20   (Black and Bing Cherry, Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk), a touch of lime and a hint of cacao bean and cocoa dust.)
Music 1.25 ml  $4.00   (Sandalwood, White Pepper, Choyo Lobun, Immortelle, Agarwood, Santalum White (Egyptian White Sandalwood of Alexandria), Aden Frankincense Tears, Oak essence, White Teak and Redwood Essence.)
NA SPA: Egyptian Annointing 1.25 ml  $3.50   (Golden Sandalwood inoculated directly into Egyptian Myrrh then rested and blended with Egyptian Frankincense, Enlightening fragrance of ylang ylang absolute, Rangpur Lime Leaves, fragrant resin of rosewood Absolute and incense smoke, Jasper Sandalwood, Japanese Anise Milk and the wake of our futures past to move forward into the season of change.)
NA Zombie: Heretic King 1.25 ml  $3.50   (Caramel of Zombie flesh, Skin of a Zombied Pumpkin, Crawling Fig from a Zombie tree, Cinnamon from under a Zombie's fingernails, Clove and Allspice from the breath of a Heretic King.)
NA Zombie: Heretic Queen 1 ml  $2.80   (Blue Resin and Incense of Cairo, Rose resin of Somalia, Black Raspberry Red Tea Leaves, Muguet, Pine, Egyptian Cotton and Limonene.)
NA Zombie: Zombie Bast 1.75 ml  $4.90   (Halloween Pumpkin Pastry filled with cream, Incense of Nag Champa Powder, Dark Chocolate offerings with shaved zest of Orange and creme de Zombie (bowl of milk for kitty).)
NAlentine Postcard: Egypt 1 ml  $2.80   (Somalian Spicy Black Rose Incense, Organic Cardamom, Indonesian Nutmeg E/O, Armenian Clove Bud and Clove Dust.)
NAlentine Postcard: Shepheard's Hotel 1 ml  $2.80   (Arabian Sweetgrass, Spice of Israeli Incense, Brushed Myrrh Resin and White Tagetes of the Nile.)
NAlentine Postcard: Windsor Hotel .75  $2.10   (Rain Water, Frankincense Tears, Frankincense Resin, Salt of the Alexandrian Sea.)
NAliday 2009 .5 ml  $1.40   (Imported Egyptian Blue and Peppermint E/O, Egyptian Vanilla, Frankincense Pure, a tiny drop of Iris Pure and Saffron E/O, Cedarwood, Nutmeg Shavings and the scent laying by the hearth as the fireplace burns soothing scents of wood and very soft pine.)
NAliday 2010 4.5 ml  $14.10   (Cocoa Dust, Chocolate Raw, Cocoa Bean, Chocolate Incense. 5 Sandalwoods; Sweet Arabian, Santalum Album of India, Egyptian White, Hawaiian and Australian essential oils.)
Nefertiti Special Edition 2.75 ml  $7.70   (Bastet's Rose Resin, Egyptian Honeysuckle Incense, Red Apple Skin, Aged White Amber, Sapphire and Crystal Nokturnes, Limestone and Indian Amber, Cabernet Wine Accord and a drop of Blue Egyptian Jasmine Absolute.)
Nefertiti X 1.35 ml  $3.80   (Orange blossom blooming with the essence of Egyptian musk subtle still the White amber of the day and the soft dark amber of night mingling together baring witness to those outside of the city this delicate scent is dangerously intoxicating. With added notes of Nokturne: Kobalt Onyx (Black Vanilla), Canadian Black Vanilla and a drop of Teak Wood.)
New Egypt 2012  2.25 ml  $6.30   (Egyptian Spring Jasmine (aged in Cedar for this specific Perfume blend), natural occuring Egyptian Cedar Oil from the casing scents this perfume, Fresh Vanilla Beans in a base of Crystal (Vanilla Musk) and a drop of sweet exotic Egyptian Redwood.)
New Year Baby Tut 2016 - 2.55 ml  $8.15   (Egyptian Sandalwood, Sandalwood Resin, Vanilla Resin, NAVA Incense and Moroccan Santal.)
Nine Bows .75 ml  $2.40   (Egyptian Bay Leaves aged in Nile Rum, Orange Peel, a drop of Kashmir Egyptian Red Musk, Santalum White Sandalwood, Bay Rum, Black Coconut Cream, Green Pepper, the Sands of Limestone Amber and Spanish Origanum Essential Oil.)
Nokturne Resurrected 3.75 ml  $12.00   ((SL: Egyptian Musk) Single note scent - of PURE Egyptian Musk. The thick, clear and clean mild beautiful scent is the scent of Egypt.)
Nokturne: N4 - 4 ml  $12.70   (A graceful floral Egyptian Musk. Magnolia Blossom, Egyptian Blue Heather Musk, Blue Sandalwood, Muguet; all beautifully blended into the most delicate Egyptian Musk by NAVA.)
Nokturne: N5 - 3 ml  $9.70   (A sensual and slightly spicy Egyptian Musk. A beautiful White Egyptian Musk with subtle amber and sandalwood nuances and touches of spice from Italian White Clove and Australian Blue Peppercorn.)

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