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Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Decant Circle Leftovers - Part 4 - Decants

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Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Decant Circle Leftovers - Part 4 - Decants

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Continued from Part 3 - Decants.   Full / Partial Bottles can be found on Part 1 & Part 2

You can find reviews at the Nocturne Alchemy - VApothecary Reviews Wiki. It's a work in progress. Come help build it!

NA: K to Z ~
Kaisarion x 2   (Blue Hibiscus Water, Spices: Cardamom, Clove and Nutmeg, Swirls of Honey, Indian Black Tea and Gold Sandalwood with the essence of Egyptian Musk underneath.)
Kemosiri - Shadow Osiris   (White Lime of Alexandria, Lemon of the Nile, Kola Root of Aswan, Anubis Blood (conceived after Dragon's Blood but with an original NA Lab blend), Leather accord (faux), Smoke accord, Nokturne: Lazuli (Jasmine) E/O and 13 drops of Calamus Root E/O.)
KV31 x 2   (Ivy, Oakmoss, Spikenard, Rosemary, Patchouli and the juicy darkness (I have to leave something to the imagination) of a Mummys Tomb.)
Lady of Gold   (The essence of the season in the spice markets in Cairo blending cardamom and allspice with a soft texture of chai elements using aromatic Indian spices of masala chai and black tea in the base of Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk). With NAlloy Shimmer.)
Mummy Mommy 2010 x 2   (Santalum (Egyptian Sandalwood), Mysore Sandalwood, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Santalum White, Amyris Balsam, Blue Balsam of Peru and Black Balsam of El Salvador.)
NA Zombie: Zombie Nubi   (Vanilla Bean flecks, South African Red Tea, Freshly sliced Zombie Apples all boiled together in a rich blue sugar and caramel sauce.)
NAlentine Postcard: Egypt   (Somalian Spicy Black Rose Incense, Organic Cardamom, Indonesian Nutmeg E/O, Armenian Clove Bud and Clove Dust.)
NAlentine Postcard: Windsor Hotel   (Rain Water, Frankincense Tears, Frankincense Resin, Salt of the Alexandrian Sea.)
NAlloween Dragon Anu'Kabis x 2   (Dragon's Blood Extract, Black Musk, Blood Orange E/O, Sweet Orange Zest, White Clove Dust and Incense. Addition of exquisite Dragon's Blood Absolute, Nokturne: Ember Redux (Egyptian Frankincense and Myrrh Resinoid) and Shadow Amber for a deeper Dragon BITE!)
Nefertiti X   (Orange blossom, Egyptian musk, White Amber and Dark Amber of the GC scent Queen Nefertiti with added notes of Nokturne: Kobalt Onyx (Black Vanilla), Canadian Black Vanilla and a drop of Teak Wood.)
OM NA Eternity x 4   (Many layers of beautiful imported Desert Sage, Softened resin of Vetiver, the Scent of Temple grass, Black Coconut milk and husk, Dragon's Breath Incense and White Benzoin Liquid Resin of the Netherworld.)
OM NA Khet x 4   (Many layers of beautiful imported Egyptian Musk, Blue Virgin Sandalwood, Sandalwood pure of Mysore, India, Egyptian Cotton Linen, White Pine, White Honey Plume and Red Amber.)
Perilous   (Blue Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Tobacco Flower, Tahitian Ginger, African Clove, Nokturne: Scarlet (Blood Amber) and Nokturne: Sapphire Resin (Amber Musk Resin).)
Pharaoh Moons: Menes Moon x 2   (Refined NA Limestone Amber Resin, Green Amber Accord, Rare Egyptian Blue Neroli, Frankincense Resin, Rare Blue Dragon Blood, Myrrh Resin, Egyptian Musk and a drop of the richest Egyptian Patchouli.)
Pharaoh Moons: Smenkhare Moon x 2   (Egyptian Cedar, Black Musk, Black Amber Resin, Black Vanilla, Black Cacao, Soft Spices, Red Amyris, a drop of rare Blue Neroli and a harmonizing Vanilla Accord.)
Postcard: Khepri Amulet   (Honey Kyphi (a honey, raisin, & wine based incense), Nokturne: Lazuli (Jasmine of Cairo), Sambac Tea, Black Egyptian Tea, Cemetery Snow, Redwood Pure and a whisper of Crystalline Vanilla (Egyptian Vanilla Orchid stigma Resin).)
Prometheus x 3   (Egyptian Musk Absolute (from the white Egyptian Musk flower), Italian Lemon-Sugar, Indian Cardamom Pod, Ginger and NA Kyphi Incense (a honey, raisin, & wine based incense), Raisin Wine, Blue Amber, White Italian Lime, Santalum White (Egyptian White Sandalwood of Alexandria), Alexandrian Sea Salt and a touch of Caramel infused Blue Sugar.)
RA's Spiced Apple Mint Tea x 2   (Warm nutmeg and clove whole spice perfume lingering in a warm black tea with the essence of fresh apple oil. A drop of bright essential Egyptian Mint intrigues the senses and blends beautifully into the spice and tea and fruit.)
Rebecca   (Dragon's Blood infused with Sea salt from Alexandria, French Frankincense Tears, Hungarian Red Wine, Amber Resin, African Musk and a tincture of Benzoin Blood dusted with Bergamot.)
Renenutet, Wine of Ever   (Vanilla'd Blackberry Wine, Muscat Tea, Bergamot E/O, drop of Egyptian Red Musk Resin filtered Dragon's blood and Rye essence.)
Revenge of the Flesh Eating Scarabs   (Yummified Raspberries mingling with biting pincers of raw lemon peel, a dash of lime flesh, exotic cinder of cedar and a refreshing drop of amber dust. Amped with Black Raspberry blended into the penumbra of Shadow Amber, a little Moonstone (Vanilla Bean) and a touch of Scarab Musk.)
Scroll of Bastet   (Aged NA Scroll of Thoth Amber Resin (a glorious White Amber), Sweet French Vanilla Bean Fleck sifted, Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Nepalese Amber, Yellow Mandarin Absolute, Black Teak, Elemi Absolute, Genet Absolute, Tamanu Fruit and a drop of Sweet Fennel.)
Scroll of Bastet: Blue x 2   (Aged NA Scroll of Thoth Amber Resin, Sweet French Vanilla Bean Fleck sifted, Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Blue Nepalese Amber, Yellow Mandarin Absolute, Black Teak, Elemi Absolute, Genet Absolute, Tamanu Fruit, NA Blue Sugar Accord, Blue Amber and Blue Musk.)
Sekhmet's Whisper x 3   (Italian Lemon E/O, Egyptian Sandalwood Pure, Arabian Sandalwood, White Indian Sandalwood, Pimento Leaf E/O, White Clove E/O and Pure Egyptian Galbanum Resin.)
Serapium of the Serapis   (Papyrus, Greek Olive E/O, Soil, Amber Sand, Rosemary Dust and divine White and Red Egyptian Musk Pure.)
Serpent of Chaos x 2   (Blood Orange, Black Currant, Nile Ozone, Ocean Water, Ocean salt, Pear Skin, Milk Thistle, Anise, California Redwood oil, Palm and a drop of blood Red Musk.)
Serpentine Ankh   (Nokturne (Egyptian Musk), Egyptian Sandalwood, Nokturne: Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk). Blended with crisp green apple and dusting sweet cinnamon, clove and brown sugar on top...kind of like warm apple pie actually.)
Shadow Bastet   (Shadow Amber and Sweet intoxicating Clove blended into a brew of blackened vanilla, Sensual Musk, Blackened Apple and the whispering Patchouli woods.)
Shekasteh Azam x 2   (White Dragon Blood, DragonBlood Resin, Benzoin Grey, Labdanum Pure, White Egyptian Palm, Nile Reed Blossom and Nile Blood Water.)
Solar Deity x 2   (Kerala Amber Resin, Guaicwood, Nepalese Amber, Egyptian Red Musk (Nokturne: Crimson), Exotic Spices of Clove, Allspice and Black Pepper Essential Oils, Italian Apricot, French Orange Essence, Green Cardamom and a touch of Madagascar Vanilla Bean Fleck.)
Solar Egypt: ANKH x 2   (White and Black Cedar, African Musk, Egyptian Red and White Musk, Balanese Oak, California Redwood, and the crispness of falling leaves.)
Sph'yder Venom x 2   (Blackened Halloween Apple Flesh, Whole Cinnamon and Black Clove Dust, Vanilla Caramelized Egyptian Sugar, Quiet wafts of Incense and a whisper of Carved Pumpkin Essense.)
The Black Pyramid x 3   (Limestone and Basalt, Nokturne: Tabasheer (Black Musk), Black Fig, Clove, Sage Dalmation, Ajowan, Chenopodium and Pumpkin Skin.)
The Elementals: AIR * Shu x 4   (Green Musk of Aswan, NA Magenta Amber, Mimosa and NA Limestone sedimental of Amber from the Pyramids.)
The Elementals: EARTH * Geb   (Black and Gold Myrrh of Arabia, Cinnamon of the Sahara, Incense of Egypt, Liquid Ambar of Honduras and a drop of Gingerlily from Cairo. The oil is very thick!)
The Elementals: ETHER * Khepri   (Pandanus Flower, Nile root, White Sandalwood, burning embers from the Temple and NA sedimental of wet sand from the edge of the River Nile.)
The Elementals: FIRE * Sekhmet x 3   (Heady Wood elements of Vetiver-Cardamom-Oak and Cypress, White Clove, Resinated Gardenia and Myrrh Resin off the Coast of Alexandria.)
The Elementals: WATER * Re-Atum x 3   (Crystalized Ginger, Diffused Lime, White Pine Needle, Papaya of Cairo, Mandarin, N: Lazuli (Jasmine) and Grapefruit essence.)
The Under Nile   (Black Cucumber Flesh, Blue Lotus Extract, Egyptian Oud, Smoke, Nokturne: Kashmir (Blood Red Musk) and Brimstone Amber.)
Vampire Moon   (Black Currant Wine, Dragon's Blood Incense Resin, Japanese White Cherry Blossom, Lilac Wine, Shiraz Musk and the bloodletting of a Vampire's Kashmir Blood Musk, the deepest Kashmir Red Musk we could create filtered through a drop of Black Musk, Black Fig and Black Amber.)
White Zombie   (White Musk, Sweet Incense Smoke, Aged Redwood Bark, Black Forest Extract, N5 Musk (A beautiful White Egyptian Musk with subtle amber and sandalwood nuances and touches of spice from Italian White Clove and Australian Blue Peppercorn), White Pine Needles and Cemetery Musk.)
Zin Kashmir   (Nokturne: Kashmir (dark Red Musk), a little Rose Resin, a touch of Zinfandel Wine embraced with Cardamom and Cinnamon Wood, kissed by White Pepper flowing over Crimson, Egyptian Red Musk.)

B.SP   (Night Loam, Victorian Sandalwood, An accord of Leather made from other notes (vegetarian), A drop of aged Incense and a drop of White Patchouli, Graveyard Moss, Bastet Amber, VA Musk (new accord) and Salted Caramel.)
Evening SP x 2   (Mandarin-Musk, Amber-Sandalwood, White Cedarwood, California Redwood, Moroccan Vanilla Bean, Nokturne: Kashmir (Deep Red Musk), Nepalese Amber and faux Leather accord (vegan) and a drop of Egyptian Musk.)
Garnet Heart   (Black Kashmir Red Musk, Black Cedarwood, Amber Oudh, Purple Musk, Tahitian White Moss and Aged Ambre Resin.)
Masquerade Drakon x 2   (Cider laced with arsenic Wine and cinnamon (faux arsenic), Acorn Cream, Tahitian Vanilla Caramel and French Clove Cognac.)
Masquerade King x 2   (Frankincense, Red Velvet Accord, Oak, Black Seed, Smoked Sweet Potato, Cream Liquer and Nutmeg.)
Masquerade Lacroix x 2   (Lemon Cream Liquer, Japanese White Tea, Caramelized Poppyseed, Clove and Bourbon Vanilla infused Brown Sugar.)
New Years Evil 2013 x 2   (Black Amber Chypre, Dragon Incense, Aged Nutmeg, Nag Champa Incense, Thuja Incense, French Lavender and Merlot Ice Wine.)
S.H. SP x 3   (Moringa Flower, Sapphire Absolute (Amber Musk Absolute), Solar Amber, Cacao-Benzoin, Monterey Sea Moss, Vegan Ambergris Accord (created by Jacek Rose for this blend), White Santalum, rare Blue Lotus Root and N3 Musk (Egyptian Skin Musk).)
Séance   (Atmospheric Black Fig, Blackberry Vapour, Balsam-Cedarwood Smoke, Bergamot Tea, Crimson (pale Egyptian Red Musk) Spice, Black Diamond (Egyptian and Belgian Dark Chocolate, imported Nahuatl Xocolatl perfume, blended with vanilla cream musk and cocoa) and Black Musk of Tabasheer.)
SHE SP x 3   (Egyptian Mimosa Flower, Vanilla Orchid, Soft Arabian Oud, Egyptian aged Amber, White Mandarin Essence, Crimson Egyptian Musk, N4 Musk (a graceful floral Egyptian Musk) shaken gently with whole nutmeg and aged for two months.)
UNDER   (Shadow Amber, Blue Galbanum, Black Pumpkin, Black Fig, Green Fig, Bruised Orange, Balsam Fir Extract, Rare Arabian Oud, Snow Musk and a very light breath of sweet resin Green Chypre.)
XMS SP x 2   (Blue Hungarian Pine, Crystal Vanilla Musk, Kashmir Red Musk, Black Incense, Golden Amber and White Musk.)
Zodiac: Taurus   (The floating scent of Snow Musk bonds with N3 Musk (a softer Egyptian Musk) to give a safe home beneath the middle notes of White Amber, Blue Amber and Egyptian Frankincense tears - rapturous is a cup of Tibetan and Egyptian Black Tea and warm exotic Haitian Vetiver as opening notes for this warm and soft resin Zodiac Blend.)

$3.75 for domestic shipping via First Class with delivery confirmation.

(20 cents additional shipping for each bottle after the first due to weight.)
International shipping to be determined by weight & country plus $1 for handling.

*Note* If you are currently in one of my decant circles I can add your choices to that package in order for you to save money on shipping.

I'm currently shipping only once a week, on Fridays or Saturdays. Unless you want them held to travel with your decant circle order, these will go out a day or three after payment. You'll get a CnS at your PayPal address. I print out my shipping labels through PayPal using the address that they give unless you tell me otherwise. Internationals go through the USPS website.

I have lots of bubblewrap & I'm not afraid to use it! :-)

Payment info:
~No fees are added to sale items.~
(But if you'd like to add a little something towards the fees, it would be very appreciated.)

PayPal to salixnoir@gmail.com
And unless it's for your benefit, there is no need to add a PayPal note when you pay. I do not refer to PayPal notes as I put all information into my excel sheet. Also, sometimes Egyptian words in the note section trigger PayPal holds & reviews.

**No LJ account? No worries!** You can email your order to me at salixnoir@gmail.com. Please put NAVA sale or something similar in the subject line.

And please bear with me, I'm a slow typist!

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