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Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Decant Circle Leftovers - Part 3 - Samples & Decants

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Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Decant Circle Leftovers - Part 3 - Samples & Decants

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Continued from Part 2 - Partial Bottles.  Full / Partial Bottles can be found on Part 1

You can find reviews at the Nocturne Alchemy - VApothecary Reviews Wiki. It's a work in progress. Come help build it!

NAVA SAMPLES $4.00 each:
Abu Simbel   (Power, unity and the scent of hot sand and cool Nile water.)
Akhenaten   (Lily, Magnolia, White Ginger, Amber, Kudzu Blossom, White Lotus, White Amber, Coriander, Frankincense, Apricot, Grapefruit and a hint of Peach.)
Alkhemyst   (Hibiscus, indulgent fruit, blood orange, alchemistic spice.)
Anubis   (Egyptian Kyphi, Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Musk and the darkness of the dead.)
Anubis Amber   (Amber Resin imported from the Malabar Coast of South India and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Green Cardamom of India.)
Anu'Kabis   (Dragon's Blood Extract, Black Musk, Blood Orange E/O, Sweet Orange Zest, White Clove Dust and Incense.)
Aswan Mango Tea   (Mango Flesh, Egyptian Black Tea, Papaya Skin, the Finest French Green Cognac E/O and a drop of soft White Pepper.)
Bastet   (Red Egyptian Musk, Black Orchid, Honeysuckle, Dark Rose and Jasmine with a touch of soft vanilla.)
Bastet Amber Prototype #4.1   (No notes given.)
Blue Lotus Diamond   (Rare Blue Lotus, Golden Frankincense, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk) and the charm and faience of Nokturne: Diamond (Redwood and Cedar).)
Cherry Santalum   (Rich Egyptian Cherry Essence, creme of Vanilla Bean, Nokturne: Santalum and a soft stirring of exotic Cacao.)
Crystalline Burning Jack   (Indian Ajowan, Pumpkin Skin, Pumpkin Seed, Zucchini and Pumpkin Bread, Cinnamon Stick, Smoke, Nutmeg, Clove and fallen leaves of the old oak tree. Adding a smattering of White Fig absolute, Lychee Oil concentrate and a big kiss from Crystalline Vanilla.)
Egyptian Mango   (Egyptian Markets full of spices and fresh fruit. Creamy and sweet and just in time for Spring and Summer.)
Emerald Scarab   (Delicate fig and pumpkin sweeten the scarabs walk. Dark Egyptian Amber and Vetiver enrapture the desert sand. This Emerald Scarab has added shimmering Egyptian Soil and the Egyptian musk of Aswan (N:2).)
Eternal Egypt x 2   (White Amber, Red Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Amber and the sands of Egypt.)
Eternal Netherworld   (Egyptian Musk, Ethiopian Sandalwood, Egyptian White Amber, Black Frankincense and the elusive and rare Black Amber.)
Eternal Underworld   (Egyptian Essential Oil of Galbanum, Nokturne: Kobalt (Egyptian Vanilla Resin), Arabian Sandalwood, Black Cherry Skin, Egyptian White Musk, Egyptian White Amber, Nokturne: Kashmir (Red Musk) Resin and Green Pepper Essential Oil.)
Frangipani Nokturne   (Egyptian Frangipani, Egyptian Jasmine, Egyptian Lilac, Italian Bergamot, Irish Plumeria resting gently in a bath of exquisite original Egyptian Musk (Nokturne: Nokturne).)
High Priest Amber  (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. Adding the beauty of Black Patchouli distilled in an iron vessel to produce the darkest patchouli earth scent, Amber, White Vetiver and Gold Cardamom.)
Horus  (Lotus blossum, Black orchid, Egyptian Amber, Champaca, Mahogony and Egyptian Musk.)
Magenta Scarab  (Delicate fig and pumpkin sweeten the scarabs walk . Dark Egyptian Amber and Vetiver enrapture the desert sand. This magenta Scarab has added Vetiver E/O and the red musk of Kashmir.)
Mnemythe  (China Musk, Red Musk, Egyptian Red Musk, Egyptian white musk and Indian Musk. And a touch of dark coffee (the non-bitter kind - the one previously used in Cardamom Coffee LE).
OM NA: Balance  (This perfume is built from many layers of beautiful imported White, Blue and Egyptian Chamomile Essential base oils. White Sandalwood, Pure petals of Egyptian Chamomile, Blue Yarrow E/O and a small nurturing of Amber Musk for the soul.)
OM NA: Eternity  (This perfume is built from many layers of beautiful imported Desert Sage, Softened resin of Vetiver, the Scent of Temple grass, Black Coconut milk and husk, Dragon's Breath Incense and White Benzoin Liquid Resin of the Netherworld.)
OM NA: Khet  (This perfume is built from many layers of beautiful imported Egyptian Musk, Blue Virgin Sandalwood, Sandalwood pure of Mysore India, Egyptian Cotton Linen, White Pine, White Honey Plume and Red Amber.)
OM NA: Temple NA  (This perfume is built from many layers of beautiful imported Indian and Egyptian Incense based oils. Dark Sandalwoods, Pure rich warm smoke, Musk Incense, Musk Florals and Egyptian Woods.)
Osi'Azam   (Dragon's Blood Pine, Egyptian Myrrh Blood, Opopanax Stem, dried Sugandha Kokila and Blue Yarrow Root.)
Osiris   (Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian cola root, sweet almond oil and the air above the Nile resurrecting life into the world. Heliotrope, basil, amber and bergamot breathe through a touch of cardamom.)
Pharoah Amber   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. Using the base of the Amber described above the resin has been turned into resin from ancient recipes and then turned back into perfume oil diluting nothing. A true resin perfume oil - please shake before each application.)
Phyriad   (Cardamom, Black Cherry, Sage, dark Amber and Moroccan Mint.)
Priestess Amber   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. With the true absolute components of Arabian, Egyptian, Indian and Russian Sandalwood, and a touch of Nile Reed and Papyrus Pure Oil.)
Prince Amber   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. Enhanced with Spikenard Absolute.)
Princess Amber   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. Adding Sacred Kyphi enraptured with the silk of very radiant baby vanilla beans.)
Purple Nile   (Black Currant, Blue Nile, Red Egyptian Musk (the soft kind), a touch of Fig and Raspberry followed by a breath of violet.)
Pyramid of Khufu   (I've tried to capture the scent of the sand and the limestone and the sweet breath of Egyptian amber breathing through the thousands of years of time sleeping before and after.)
Queen Amber   (A full Amber scent of Egyptian Cedar, Egyptian Frankincense, Egyptian Sandalwood, Egyptian Rock Rose, Egyptian Patchouli, Egyptian Siam. Egyptian Honey Incense warms the Amber glow of scent.)
Shadow Amber   (Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense and Black Myrrh. This was the original VApothecary Ambre Ombre.)
Smenkhare   (Oriental Amber *powdered, Nokturne:Egyptian Musk *powdered, Agarwood wood oil compound *powdered, Guaicwood and Howood E/O's *powdered, a tiny drop of Labdanum E/O, tiny drop of Black Peppercorn E/O (tiny for subtle spice), Balsam of Peru E/O and White Frankincense in a soft base of Amber Musk Pure.)
Sph'yder Anti-Venom x 2   (Candy Corn, Golden Caramel, Caramelized Amber, Nokturne:Sapphire and Vanilla Candied Sph'yder webs.)
Strawberry Crystalline   (Nile Fresh Strawberry delicately balanced in a blend of Red Apple and soft Pink Jasmine notes poured over by the essence of Nokturne: Crystalline and the pureness of the stigma of a Vanilla Orchid.)
The Mummy Returns   (Basaran, Cactus Flower, Tana Leaves, Blue Banana E/O, Egyptian Spice, Valerian Root and our interpretation of the scent of a linen mummy. With an exclusive 29 ingredient addition of NA Kyphi Elixir.)
The Underworld   (Cedarwood, Neroli, Osmanthus, Black Rose and Patchouli.)
Thoth Amber   (Oriental Amber Resin imported from the deepest perfume essences of China and lit from the warmest South American Sangre de Grado, Dragon Blood incense resin and Egyptian Myrrh whole.)
Vanilla Necropolis   (Egyptian Red Amber, Black Rose, Egyptian Red Musk, Sweet Amber, Allspice, French Vanilla, Persian Vanilla, Vanilla Bean and Vanilla absolute.)
Violet Santalum Sweet   (Egyptian and French Violet, Egyptian Jasmine and Lilac, Sandalwood Sugar from a natural occurring Sandalwood Cask and Santalum Sweet, a very soft and natural Egyptian Sandalwood.)

13   (Graveyard Dirt, Graveyard Musk, Patchouli, Rotten Violet, Blood Red Musk, Incense, Egyptian Musk, Smoke, Green Peppercorn, White Clove, Black Fig, Raw Pumpkin, and White Myrrh.)
All Hallows' Eve   (Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Sugar Cane, Nutmeg, Sweet Cream, Almond paste, freshly grated Cinnamon Bark and Fresh Dirt from a pumpkin patch.)
Chimera Prototype #4.1   (No notes given.)
Count Choco   (Cocoa Absolute of Persia, India and the West Indies, Cocoa liquor, Wheat, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Powder, Mallow and Chocolate Soy Milk.)
Faust   (Roman Chamomile Incense, Vanilla Musk, Soil, Blue Musk, Brimstone and Fire.)
Geist   (Teak Wood, White Oakmoss, White Champaka Essential, Holy Myrrh, Vanilla Honey, Smoke Accord and Blue Amber.)
Halloween 2010   (Black Cinnamon, French Spirits of Vanilla Cream, Spices from the cupboard of a Witch: Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg, Allspice and Crystalized Ginger all burning within the Jack O'Lantern's hollowed buttery pumpkin body.)
Halloween 2014   (Black Chai Tea, Pumpkin Spices of Clove and Black Cardamom, Dried Cinnamon Broom, Bastet Amber, Loam, Indian Oud, Butter cream, Australian Ginger root, Vanilla and Black Musk.)
Halloween 2015   (Delightful Pumpkin Bread, decadent and dark Pumpkin and Fig infused Kobalt Vanilla, Devil Food Cake, Redwood Essence, Pumpkin Garden Soil, Amber, White Musk, Bastet Black Amber (unreleased) and a drop of Coffin Soil.)
Halloween 2017   (Hallow’d Coconut Rind, Black Cardamom Pod, Custard Accord, Bastet’s Ice Cream Accord, Vanilla Bean, Crystalline Absolute, Santalum Gold, Ghost-White Rum, a touch of Nutmeg and Allspice, fresh wormwood picked during the witching hour and singed wormwood-Oudh on drydown.)
Haunted House   (Deep and haunted vespers; Essential oil of White and mitigated Cedar, Frankincense, Balsam, Amber, Sandalwood, Rock Rose Resin Dust and Cobwebs of an old Haunted entity.)
Khyah   (Hesperidic Oak Moss, Bergamot, Faux Ambergris resinate, Arabian Red Chypre Moss, Amber Musk, Egyptian Blue Basil, Merlot aged in Oak and a drop of the sharpest tip of a Clovebud.)
Sanctavius   (Dragon's Blood Powder, Black Mango Skin, Sweet Egyptian Sandalwood and Blood Sap of Frankincense.)
Talamaur   (Olibanum Essential Oil, Lime Essence, Red Musk, Egyptian Red Musk, Green Pepper Essential Oil, Tomato Leaf Extract and a drop of Balsam Absolute.)
The Mummy   (Raisin Kyphi, Amber Resin, Fresh Dirt of a Tomb, Loam, Butterscotch, Caramel, Walnuts, Burned Sugarcream and a cloud of time.)
Viktor   (Blue Chypre, Exotic Ambers of Egypt and Eastern Europe, Heliotrope of a graveyard in New Orleans, Haunting Cedar, Rock Rose Resin, Sandalwood powder, Raw Indonesian White Patchouli, Cardamom, Myrrh and sacred Agarwood.)
Zombie   (Heliotrope Absolute, Ajowan Essential Oil, Black Chestnut Smoke, Burned Vanilla Pod, Russian Geranium Essentil Oil, Black Woods and Raw Sugar Accord.)


Carnival Arcane   (Black Kettle Corn with tendrils of black spun sugar that weave, like a web, though ethereal funnel cakes drizzled with aged black Crystal vanilla musk, Crystalline Syrup and sweet & salty accords to build the background layer for this arcane carnival perfume. This perfume is built to age beautifully over time.)
Vampyre x 4   (As the cd Vampyre (Midnight Syndicate), begins...'Awakening' is the first track. When creating the atmosphere of the Vampyre awakening into the night, we wanted to evoke a ghostly residual of fog in scent that lifted with a touch of deep blood Red Musk. As the second track begins, 'Graveyard' - a touch of deep Black Hungarian Patchouli begins to envelope the perfume. The cd was the inspiration for this perfume and completed the equation for perfume by adding nuances of Vanilla, Bastet's Amber underneath that gave way for a need of a soft drizzle of White Pepper to balance and even out the feel of catacombs, ancient tomes and spectral masquerade.)

Doc Horror   (Leather, White Musk, Mahogany Wood, Cemetery Musk, Rosewood Resin, Amber Resin, Hungarian Black Lavender, Hungarian Blue Clove, Black Pepper, Blood Orange Rind, and Werewolf Fur (accord).)
Gunwitch x 2   (Kashmir Red Musk, Himalayan Cedarwood, Hungarian Patchouli, Romanian Vetiver, Egyptian Sandalwood, Arabian Frankincense Resin, Egyptian Myrrh, Black Pepper Whole & sifted in a Cedar Barrel aged.)
Komodo   (Peru Balsam, English Bergamot, Blue Violet, Balsam Tolu, Amber, Sandalwood White, White Patchouli Wood (sifted and removed), Black Vanilla, Russian Teak and Amber Resin created in the Studio just for Komodo.)
Polychrome x 3   (Ethereal Rose Petal Essence, Egyptian/Arabian/Indian Sandalwood blend, Egyptian Red Musk and a drop of Amber Musk.)
Starfish   (Pale whispers of botanical Sky Blue Jasmine, Muguet and Narcissus, Magnolia Blossom, Egyptian Purple Heather Musk, Waterlily, Kelp, Saltwater Musk, Blue Sandalwood and ethereal Egyptian Musk.)

Christian x 2   (Aged Blood Wine, Shiraz Wine, Red Musk Syrup, Russian Leather Accord, Tobacco-Musk and Egyptian Musk.)
Nothing x 2   (Strawberry Accord, White Patchouli smoke, Gothic Pumpkin Spice (Cardamom, Black Cinnamon, Clove-Tobacco), Vanilla Musk Cream, Gold Sandalwood and a drop of Nag Champa Incense.)

Emerson Hart's eNVie Collection - priced as marked ~
Jasmin Saphir x 5  $6.50   (Rapture of creamy imported jasmin bathed with warm waves of saphir and undertones of blue light and warm evening romance. ~Top Note: Egyptian Jasmine Absolute awakens the senses with creamy divine aromatherapy quickly melding into the base notes. ~~Middle Note: Egyptian White Musk Flower petals bathe in the facets of saphir amber pulling through the Jasmine accentuating the colors of soft pastels and glowing light. ~~~Base Note: The Jasmine as pure as this will fall away and take on a second life of saphir; Egyptian Amber & Musk Resin purified into natural notes of blue balsamic amber, sweet papyrus oil from Cairo and siam benzoin that hints naturally of occurring warm and pure vanillin, takes the focus for the longevity of the wear.)

ICONS II: MAKALAT $16.50 each ~
Inferno x 8   (Dark Amber Incense Oudh. Using only the most beautiful amber NAVA could create from: Dark Agarwood, Rosewood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Black Vetiver, White Patchouli, Black Ginger, Raw Sandalwood and White Cardamom then infused slowly into the deep dark syrup of Indian Oudh with hints of our originally named: Arabian Oudh and Egyptian Temple Oudh (from the original ICONS series) and a drop of rich Egyptian Spikenard, Copal and Crystalline Vanilla Absolute. Smoking embers and tendrils of wood and the liquid incense you've come to know and love from the Osirian Purnima perfumes.)
Labyrinth x 8   (Black Patchouli Oudh. An aged true earth Indonesian Black Patchouli wood oil, viscous and sweet and only gets better with aging; blended into a deep Indian Oudh with hints of our originally named: Arabian Oudh and Egyptian Temple Oudh (from the original ICONS series) and a drop of California Redwood Absolute.)
Samar II x 2   (Spiced Vanilla Wood Oudh. A companion to the original ICON: Samar ('to initiate evening conversation'), of beautiful raw spice of gold cardamom and golden clove and a pinch of raw saffron that do not overwhelm but compliment the multi-facets of the Vanilla within then blended into sweet-smokey Indian Oudh with hints of our originally named: Arabian Oudh and Egyptian Temple Oudh (from the original ICONS series) and Black Teak.)
Serenity x 5   (Sandalwood Oudh. Beautifully raw and aged Sandalwood from India and Egypt with Fossilized Sandalwood, all blended into a deep, smokey Indian Oudh with hints of our originally named: Arabian Oudh and Egyptian Temple Oudh (from the original ICONS series).)
Tempest x 6   (Kashmir Red Musk Absolute Oudh. An Absolute of viscous Kashmir Red Musk (aging will only make this resonate even more), blended into a deep Indian Oudh with hints of our originally named: Arabian Oudh and Egyptian Temple Oudh (from the original ICONS series) and a drop of rick Black Musk Absolute.)

RESURGENCE $3.80 each ~
Wuthering Heights   (Arabian Oudh, Blue Heather, Perfume of the Moors, Fog from the Heath, Spices of: Earth, Clove, Cinnabar, Ginger, Nutmeg and enrobed in amber silk and saffron.)

RESURGENCE $4.20 each ~
Resurgence: Blue Snow x 2   (Mulled Cider, Apples, Teak and Oak, a touch of sweet Redwood Musk, a Cinnamon stick stirred in, Clove whole, Blue Pine and Blue Fir.)
Resurgence: Blue Velvet   (Our velvet* blend with Blueberry Essence, Blue Vanilla NAVA Accord and Blue Sandalwood. A scent told by a Victorian ghost sitting in his amber velvet chair as a blue velvet curtain moves in the wind from the open window. * NAVAliday Velvet: Using one of our favorite perfumes, Eternal Ankh and focusing the attention on subtlety, we started fresh and wove our way into a plume of velvet cavalcade. Victorian velvet ghost-like Jasmine, vespers of Vanilla bean, soporific musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute (note not the other components of Eternal Ankh, only the vanilla that makes E Ankh what it is), only the haunting notes and then by adding specific blend techniques the main caricature personifies each of the velvets. Dusty, sensual and haunted.)
Resurgence: Underlord Akhenaten   (Sensual Musk Tea perfumed with 7 Musk oils: Kashmir Musk, Black Musk, Egyptian Musk, Sweet Egyptian Musk, Crimson Musk, Cemetery Musk and Cedar Musk then blended into a rich black tea perfume with sweetened resin of Myrrh - suitable for any a Pharaoh or Queen.)

STUDIO LIMITED - priced as marked ~
NA ~
Black Star  $5.00   (Dark Egyptian Cacao, roasted and crushed in the Studio then immersed into pure oil and blended with a little (Greek) Blood Orange zest oil and sweetened with Mallow Root Absolute. A sensual Egyptian Musk is the softness underneath that blends all of the scents into this Black Star and a touch of Amber-Musk.)
Bloodstone  $5.00   (The scent of Dragon's Blood resin in a perfume single note.)
Diamond x 2  $5.00   (Collecting specimen of Redwood and Cedar on my journeys in Egypt came to a few conclusions that the better redwood oil is outside of Cairo and more potent in the areas of Aswan and even near to Abu Simbel. Here I have chosen three redwoods with a touch of Egyptian Frankincense to bring forth a dichotomy of travel into a scent aura of standing inside the room that holds the Cheops Solar Barge and transporting you there where it stands in front of you built in the 4th Dynasty Kingdom around 2600BC and discovered in February 1954.)
Egyptian Gold Amber 2014  $4.50   (Egyptian Gold Amber will have a tiny fraction of amber resolution as pure organic Egyptian Gold Amber resin (created for this perfume), was used to create this perfume. A scent of limestone (reticent of our PC NA perfume Pyramid of Khufu), enhances with key organic elements of Sandalwood, Rock Rose Resin, Patchouli, Vetiver, Limestone and Amber-honey to create an infused organic Gold Amber from ingredients found only in Egypt.)
Egyptologist Anniversary  $4.50   (You can't have an Egyptologist without Egyptian musk! Tobacco Flower, Cedar, Sage, Red Egyptian Musk, Lavender and Orange Spice with a touch of saffron. Anniversary blend included NAVA ICON Egyptian Oudh, Vanilla Crystalline Resinoid, pure Frankincense, a drop of Gold Myrrh from Cairo and a drop of Osirian Purnima Incense Absolute.)
Hessonite  $5.00   (A true scent of Patchouli 100% organic and pure. Imported from Alexandria as Patchouli leaves and root and created as Perfume here in our Studio. This perfume will only become richer, smokier and more poignant with aging. Truly a significant Patchouli for any perfume lover. Rich, smoky and viscous gold patchouli.)
Indigo  $5.00   (A  beautifully delicate and tenuous imported African Musk. Words we would associate with this perfume oil are 'heavenly', 'purple', 'peaceful', 'ethereal' and 'grounding'.)
Kashmir  $5.00   (Deep blood red musk. A scent that is both animalistic and ethereal once it blends into the chemistry of your skin. Very deep and gothic this scent is to the palate.)
Kashmir Chocolate x 3 2014  $4.50   (With dark red musk of our Studio Limited - Kashmir, comes an enchanting perfume aroma of ethereal chocolate (dark chocolate, Peruvian Chocolate, Cocoa, Hot Chocolate) notes floating above the deep blood musk that attaches itself to your wrist like the blackest (and most decadent chocolate) gothic night. Blended together with Red Egyptian Musk (Studio Limited: Crimson).)
Kashmir Raspberry Truffle x 4 2015  $4.50   (Blood Red Kashmir Musk enveloped in a bright raspberry filled chocolate truffle. Cocoa powder dusted on the outside, black sugar perfumed on the inside and all while riding the red fog of Kashmir.)
Kiskah Kashmir 2014 x 3  $4.50   (Aged Kashmir Red Musk, Bittersweet Cacao, Kiskah Incense Smoke, N3 Musk, Black Incense, a drop of blood from a Black Pungent Rose and Sugar Vapours.)
Kiskah Kashmir 2016  $4.80   (Aged Kashmir Red Musk, Bittersweet Cacao, Kiskah Incense Smoke, N3 Musk, Black Incense, a drop of blood from a Black Pungent Rose and Sugar Vapour.)

VA ~
Frankincense Ombre  $5.20   (Perfume of Egyptian White Frankincense, Frankincense of Somalia, with Ambre Ombre (Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense).)
Rose Ambre Ombre  $5.20   (Perfume of Rosa Damascena, Gallicanae Rose of Burma, NA Black Rose Accord from Egyptian Rose buds, Sandalwood Absolute, Egyptian Geranium, Black Lotus Extract, NA Ambre accord with Ambre Ombre (Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense) and an aged drop of ICON: Iconic Rose Oudh.)

All perfume oils in the Osirian Purnima Collection start with the Osirian Purnima blend: Beginning with the tuned recipe of Bastet’s Zamsara: An exotic Blue Incense blended into the dark sensuality of aged Kashmir in Mahogany wood and a drop of Santalum Black, Black Frankincense, Black Hessonite, Bastet's Amber and aged Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute. This was then blended into Purnima Incense: Blue Coriander, Italian Bergamot, Ambrette Musk, NA Incense Accord, Egyptian Cedar Chips, Palo Santo Chips and genus of three beautiful Frankincense Olibanum Resin: B. Carteri, B. Thurifera and B. Serrata. Solid Myrrh wood is then stirred in and taken out, leaving a trace element of sweet wood within the blend. Intoxicating blend of Labdanum Extract, Benzoin Syrup and Oakmoss stir in the incense ephemeral element to the blend. Five Sandalwood perfume oils swirl throughout the Osirian.

Osirian Purnima: Khnum x 3   (Osirian Purnima blend + Rich and beautiful Frankincense surround this blend and bring a peaceful feel to this incense. Pure Frankincense is used in OP Khnum chosen in Egypt by the NAVA Crew for this blend.)
Osirian Purnima: Sobek   (Osirian Purnima blend + Deep blood red Kashmir and Crimson musk flow throughout the OP perfume.)

MISCELLANEOUS - priced as marked ~

NA ~
Caudipteryx   (Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Mandarin, Lavender, Chypre Incense accord, Italian Bergamot, Raw Myrrh wood, drop of rich Black Patchouli absolute and Santalum Absolute (SL Sandalwood). *tiny bits of resin may occur in the Dino blends, these will only enrich the blend even more with aging!)
Embalmed Mummy   (Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Copal, Black Date Wine, Linen accord, Natron Salt accord, French Origanum, Dragon's Blood Resin, ash accord and Amber.)
Frank's Monster   (Linen Accord, Cactus Flower, Valerian Root, Black Sandalwood, NAVA ICON Arabian Oudh Blend, Allspice and Cedarwood.)
Hatshepsut Incense REZ   (Soft spice of Nutmeg, Clove and Allspice, Bastet's Incense Accord, Pink Lotus, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Cabernet Wine Incense, Cherry Skin and Santalum Gold.)
Mummy   (English Bergamot and Earl Grey Tea, Redwood Absolute, Amber Resin, Papyrus extract, ICON: Leviathan Amber-Oudh, Australian Black Tea leaf, Pear essence, SL Crimson absolute (Egyptian Red Musk) and Baltic Teak.)
Spider Venom REZ x 2   (Blackened Halloween Apple Flesh, Black Musk, Black Amber, Red Musk (SL Kashmir), Whole Cinnamon and Black Clove Dust, Vanilla Caramelized Egyptian Sugar, Quiet wafts of Incense and a whisper of Carved Pumpkin Essence doused with aged Crystalline (Egyptian Vanilla Orchid stigma Resin) and Crystal (Vanilla Musk) Vanilla beans.)

VA ~
Ghost of my past x 2   (Blood Rose Thorn, Deep Amber, Musk, Snow and Black Honey.)
Gossamer Bear (Chocolate Covered Green Toffee Mint Marshmallow Fluff dusted with Vanilla Haze and stuffed with Cotton Candy, Blue Velvet lining and the faint hint of a Cedar Coffin.)
Halloween Moon x 3   (Dessicated Coconut, Dragon Blood Tears, Lunar Vanilla (crafted of Haitian and Vanilla Orchid Sepal bathed under 13 San Francisco Full moons), White Lime, Smokey Vanilla Bean and Vanilla-Honey infused Wood Resin.)
Headless Horsemen Cemetery x 2   (Grave Musk, Autumn Woods, Amber, White Peppercorn Essential Oil, American Black Moor Accord and Sleepy Hollow Graveyard Moss.)
HOWL x 3   (Blackened Tangerine, Black Clove Thorn, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Vanilla Fog and the dampness of the Werewolf Woods from the Sanvean (Spruce and pine tinge the air full of scented fog, leather and wood.).)
I, Vampire. (Red Indian Nag Champa Incense, Dark Patchouli Essential Oil, Hungarian Black Cherry, Blue Labdanum and Pepper-Amber Accord.)
Ice Vampire x 3   (Dried Musk Blood and Crushed Ribbon Mint, Thick Blood Red Musk, Cemetery Dirt and the vapors of black snow.)
Lycan Moon x 2   (White leather accord, Dirt, Forest trees, Fog, Sweet sugar sap and snow, saline tears, Hungarian Scotch Pine, Grey and Green leaves of the forest floor, Lunar harmonized Myrrh and Juniper Berry Musk.)
Mummy Bear x 2   (Cocoa Powder, Egyptian Raspberry, Marshmallow Accord, Pumpkin Cream and a small drop of ancient Egyptian Khyphi Blend (by Nocturne Alchemy).)
New Years Evil   (Black Amber Chypre, Red Incense, Grated Nutmeg, Nag Champa Incense, Blue Lavender and Lilac Ice Wine.)
Pharaoh Moon x 3   (Kyphi blend and Vanilla Musk by Nocturne Alchemy, Smoke Accord, Apricot infused Linen, Katrafay, Star Anise, Clean Musk Accord, Tamarind Rind and French Vanilla.)
Vampire Moon (Black Currant Wine, Dragon's Blood Incense Resin, Japanese White Cherry Blossom, Lilac Wine, Shiraz Musk and a drop of Blood from a Vampire (Red Musk).)

NA: A to J ~
Abydos Equinox   (Fresh Green Tea, White Pear, Sauvignon Blanc, White Lilac, White Musk and a drop of Allspice infused White Honey Cream.)
Aeion - EHC x 3   (French Lilac, African Musk, African Wood of the Sahara, Brimstone and burning embers.)
AElysium - EHC   (Nokturne: Crimson Spice (Soft Egyptian Red Musk & Spice), Honeysuckle Essence, Black Incense, Egyptian Linen, White Tea Leaf Tips and Lavender fields.)
AIDA x 2   (Egyptian Night Lily, Caramelized Cassis from Luxor, Irish Pine, Egyptian Sugar of Cairo, Egyptian White Musk and Blue Vanilla Musk.)
Anubis in the Netherworld   (Blood Saffron, Blood Wine, Blood Mint, Blood Musk, Red Chai, Blood Violet, Blood Incense and Black Musk.)
Anubis Tabasheer Pumpkin   (Flesh of Pumpkin, Blue Anise, Blood Carrot, a drop of the finest Rum, Black Cassia, Aged Clove Buds, Aged Black Musk of Nokturne: Tabasheer and a drop of bleeding Redwood Essential Oil and a little touch of Egyptian Musk.)
Awakening of Horus   (White Amber Incense, Brewed Wheat Ale, Blood Orange Peel, White Clove and N2 (a slightly spicy Aswan Egyptian Musk).)
Bastet's Dark Garden: Black Ivy Kobalt x 3   (Black Ivy picked from a Mausoleum wall, Graveyard Musk and entombed Kobalt Vanilla Orchid scent this dark garden along with the smoke of a dying candle leaving one alone in the cemetery save for the scent of this Halloween perfume.)
Bastet's Dark Garden: Pomegranate Moonstone   (The essence of vanilla bean from Nokturne: Moonstone, big red pomegranates, Egyptian Patchouli Noir and Anise (of Cairo), Italian Cassis and a stick of Cinnamon Bark.)
Bearaoh New Year: ISIS Bear 2014   (Starting with the ISIS Blend of Arabian Sandalwood, Nepalese Amber, Madagascar Cedar, Canadian Vanilla, Egyptian Spices of nutmeg and clove, incense from the East, golden honey, and golden vanilla. For the Isis Bear, beautiful Egyptian Jasmine and Egyptian Rose were blended in.)
Blue Snow (Mulled Cider, Apples, Teak and Oak, a touch of sweet Redwood Musk, a Cinnamon stick stirred in, Clove whole, Blue Pine and Blue Fir.)
Book of Hours   (Black Limestone, Irish Moors accord, Bergamot Tea, Spiced Crimson Musk, Black Musk Absolute, Dark Cacao lightly warmed, Vanilla Cream, White Fig, Black Pepper and Amber-Honey Resin.)
Cairo Sun   (Tibetan Musk, Nepalese Amber, White Sandalwood, Guaicwood Extract, White Patchouli and chocolate dust.)
Cemetery Ivy   (Green Ivy that has taken over the cemetery overnight and has woven its vines of Ivy throughout, over headstones, broken into gravestones and shot its vines through to the coffin and fed on the decaying body within. Fresh and vibrant Cemetery Ivy with nuances of loam, wisteria and honeysuckle create an atmosphere of bliss and desolation with a touch of Bastet Amber whispering underneath the ivy.)
Chamber of the Black Pyramid x 2   (Sweetgrass, Sacred Sage, Incense, Black Rose, Egyptian Black Geranium and Blood Sapphire (Amber Musk aged in cedar barrel with Red Amber Resin Incense).)
Cleopatra Indigo   (Greek Blue Chamomile, Greek Indigo Musk, Greek Vanilla Essence, Greek Spice of Peppercorn, Nutmeg, and fresh Greek Blue Clove, Greek Plum extract, Greek Elecampane, Greek Elderberry, Greek Coast Pine and Greek Oakmoss.)
Deity Moon: Ma'at   (Spiced Red Egyptian Musk with clove and incense, Champaka Resin, Orange-Musk-Benzoin Elixir and thick Santalum Sandalwood.)
Dendera Zodiac: Wadget   (Virgin Carnation of the Nile of Egypt, Nokturne:N2 (Egyptian Musk of Aswan), Egyptian Black Tea Leaf, Russian Vanilla E/O, Egyptian Tagetes, Limestone Amber and the Scent of warm Egyptian sand.)
Devouress of the Dead   (Black Amber, Dried Gourd essence, Sage, Cinnamon and Nutmeg dust, Sweet Cream, Anethi, Green Pepper and Cedar Extracted oil.)
Dragon Spice x 2   (Egyptian Black Tea, Egyptian Dragon's Blood Resin, Spice of Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon Whole, Pomander of Tangerine and Valencia Orange.)
Electrum x 3   (Golden Sandalwood, Golden Amber, Golden Egyptian Musk, Golden Cedarwood and Golden Clove. *with NAlloy Shimmer.)
Electrum: Egypt   (Agarwood, Cedarwood, Liquid Ambar, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber-Musk, Cognac and Sweet Dark Frankincense. *with NAlloy Shimmer.)
Emerenth   (Blue Sage, Blue Grass, Amber Musk, Guaiac Wood, Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Arabian Red Resin, Japanese White Frankincense and Hungarian White Honey.)
Eternal Cairo Dark x 2   (Incense Accord, Egyptian White and Red Amber, Red and Black Egyptian Musk, Chinese Black Star Anise, Bavarian Pimento and the shadows from the sands of Egypt.)
Eternal Underworld Dark  x 2   (Egyptian Essential Oil of Galbanum, Nokturne: Kobalt (Egyptian Vanilla Resin), Arabian Sandalwood, Black Cherry Skin, Egyptian White Musk, Egyptian White Amber, Nokturne: Kashmir (Red Musk) Resin, Black Musk, Aged Blood Musk, Black Linen and Green Pepper Essential Oil, Rare Oud, Loam and the Scent of the Moors followed with a drop of the richest Frankincense.)
Eye of RA Rebirth x 2   (Pure Vanilla Absolute, South African Chypre Incense, Egyptian Essential Oil of Blackened Cedarwood, French Vanilla, a drop of Desert Sage and Sweet Pine Oil.)
Feast of Aset x 3   (Egyptian Red Wine, Pomegranate Elixir, Frankincense Absolute, Dragon's Blood, White and Black Peppercorn Essential, Limestone Amber and Red Tea.)
Frankincense Ankh   (Beautiful Frankincense tears heated via an alchemical method to a perfume oil then sifted the element into three different types of Egyptian Musk, bathing the Frankincense note each time and layering the perfume in a way we found grounds the intensity that sometimes a pure Frankincense can give.)
French Egypt: Chocolat Alexandria x 2   (GC Alexandria: Red Egyptian Musk, Bergamot, Lime, Lotus, Amber, Blue Nile, Dark Rose and Dark Vanilla. Aged in an Oak barrel with French cocoa beans, French Oak, Cedar, Rich spices of imported Cardamom of Asia, Allspice of Greater Antilles, Pepper of Nigeria and Clove of Indonesia.)
French Egypt: Menthe Poivree Cairo x 2   (GC Cairo: The scent of spices from the open markets, the scent of sweet wind from the Nile enrobed with Lotus, Lily and the desert sand. Aged in an Oak barrel with French Oak, French Peppermint and Watermint.)
French Egypt: Orange Sanguine Karnak x 3   (GC Karnak: Sweet Cinnamon, Subtle Cardamom, Sharp Citrus Fruit from boats sailing down the Nile and Egyptian soft Amber pillowed on a reed blossoming with Red Egyptian Musk. Aged in a Cedar barrel with Italian and French Blood Orange, Tangerine peel, Cedar and Myrtle Pepper.)
Goddess Onat Qu'tesh x 3   (Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk), Angelica Root, Pineapple Essential Oil, Pineapple thorn, Pineapple Husk, Almond infused Salt, Anise, White Cinnamon, Cardamom and White Nutmeg Shaving.)
Gold of Egypt: BARAKA   (Pure Peppermint E/O, Spruce E/O, French and German Spearmint, Black Mint leaf, Blue Peppercorn and White Virgin Basil. Plus NAlloy Shimmer.)
Hathor's Crystal Ginger & Spiced Cranberry Tea x 2   (Australian Crystallized Ginger, grated nutmeg, Oolong with dried ginger and freshly candied cranberries blended with allspice seasoning.)
Hathor's Hocus Pocus x 2   (Black Hyssop and Citrus, freshly mortared Blue Mint and Lime, a dash of Dragon's Blood mingling in a vat of the skin of 13 Sorrento Italian Lemons brewing under a fire. A drop of Wormwood and a splash of Calamus Root. The fog of an eerie Moor and white smoke of a burning ember.)
Hatshepsut Incense x 3   (The scent is delicate with gentle spices of nutmeg, clove and allspice mildly in the body of the perfume. The floral arrangement is Pink Lotus, Freesia, Orange Blossom and all enveloped in Bastet's unique Incense accord made of soft billowing perfume that hovers above the skin like a fine incense.)
Hocus Pocus   (Candy Corn, Caramel Apple, Halloween Chocolate, Vampire Red Musk, Mummy Linen, Witch Brew and Werewolf Vanilla.)
Horus of the Horizon x 2   (Black Cider Apple Spice, Ripened Strawberry, Allspice, Vanilla-Violet Blend, Nokturne: Moonstone (Vanilla Bean) and Nokturne: Crystal with a drop of Limestone-Amber accord.)
Hymn to Nefertem x 2   (Pink Lotus, Sweet Egyptian Myrrh, Punt Wood Essence, White Musk, Freesia, Calla Lily, quiet Borneol Incense and Linden Leaf.)
Immortal Love   (Krishna Musk, African Musk, Champaca, White Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Jasmine Sambuc Absolute, Balsam of Peru, Vanuatu Sandalwood, Arabian Rose Otto, Egyptian Amber and Essence of German Blue Chamomile Extract.)
Jasmine Crimson *Special Edition* x 3   (Blue, White, Purple Jasmine of Aswan and Abu-Simbel, Nokturne: Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk), like the original Egyptian Musk, Crimson is a slightly spiced version with a sultry edge that blends romantically into Jasmine and back again. + Nokturne: Crystalline (beautiful Vanilla Resin), Egyptian Cardamom and Clove Essential Oil and Aged Amber of Nepal.)
Judgement: Pure   (Golden Crystalized Ginger, the softest white Egyptian Incense, Amber White Vanilla Wine and meditative Sandalwood resinoid.)

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